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When this card is Normal Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower monster from your hand. When this card is Special Summoned: You can target 1 face-up monster on the field; gain LP equal to its ATK. You can only use this effect of "Red Resonator" once per turn.

The northernmost slot is indicated by a red circle. To upgrade a Resonator, all eight slots must be filled and the target Resonator must be manually selected. The Scanner will attempt to select the next-highest level Resonator from the agent's Inventory, but any Resonator of a higher level than the target can be used to upgrade. Ingress resonator red dot - Ingress resonator red dot. Ingress mosaik creator. Ingress seer badge removed. Ingress gps simulator. Ingress chile. Ingress the animation manga. Ingress resonator red dot. Ingress fastest to level 16. Ingress support login. Ingress game guide. Игра ингресс описание. Ingress prime recruit. Ingress red dot on resonator - Ingress red dot on resonator. How to request a portal ingress. Level 8 ingress account. Ingress anomaly registration. Ingress エージェント 名 検索. Ingress full story. Знаки ingress. Ingress how to create missions. Ingress game for adults. Link calculator ingress. Ingress the animation episode list. Ingress Update v1.34 - DeCode Ingress A red dot on the North Resonator slot Filled in red in upgrade menu is how much XM is missing from a reso Passcode Redemption has a new tab and a extra step to enter one Changed Recharge animation so it has yellow spirals-Minnesota Resistance

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dot 名词 点、小数点、符号 1 double 形容词 两倍、加倍的 1 doubler 名词 加强板 2 doublet 名词 偶极天线 3E doughnut 名词 环形、空壳 3 dovetail 名词 燕尾槽 3 dowel ... Wikipedia:WikiProject Red Link Recovery/Exceptions

The red dot represents the north facing resonator. Given that the resonator display is oriented to whatever the map is when you open it, the ...

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Resonators are the central item of Ingress, enabling agents to capture Portals and use them to form Control ... The northernmost slot is indicated by a red circle. Tips for New Agents | Fev Games Collect loose XM (the white dots on your scanner) by walking in range of it. ... Focus on capturing neutral portals, filling empty resonator slots, and creating links and ... level 1 to level 8): gold, orange, dark orange, red, pink, fuschia, purple, and violet. ... Ingress is not really oriented around individual portal defense, and most ... Resonators - DeCode Ingress Every resonator contains XM energy, and with every level it contains more XM. Each Portal has 8 slots for resonators and you can deploy or upgrade them.